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2023 Women in Construction Spotlight

Tammy Smith, Executive Vice President and Partner of The Alban Group, has been recognized by the New York Real Estate Journal, 2023 Special addition Women in Construction Spotlight.


After a series of questions, the industry's top women are published annually in the New York Real estate Journal. Offering her insights as to progress over the last year, Smith says, “By the tail end of the pandemic, Alban was redesigning office spaces for clients to provide safe and useful office work areas.  As we settled into our new normal, I have been able to focus on growing the business and re committing to organizations.”  She continues discussing Alban’s recognition over the last few months, "I have been recognized by Insider NJ, and ROINJ.  Adrian Zerka was recognized as a Millennial to watch by Insider NJ.  I am thrilled to be recognized and also looking forward to being able to spend more time pursuing business development and membership in trade associations."

With accolades and positive feedback stacking up, the Alban Group finds itself expanding its markets.  They continue to move ahead with partial and full renovations of multi family space in NYC and now has a heavy presence in New Jersey.  “We have always had a substantial presence in NYC,” Smith says, “Its nice to see expansion into my home state of NJ”. 

As Smith’s notoriety spreads, she is looking forward to giving back to women in Construction, specifically Commercial Real Estate. "After years of property management," Smith says, "I find the construction portion very rewarding." 

Based in Newark, New Jersey, the Alban Group is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated company committed to elevating construction to craftsmanship.  Focusing on multifamily units and shared spaces, the Alban Group has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.