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Tammy Smith and Adrian Zerka.

Alban Construction, LLC

The legacy of Alban Construction was started in the town of Zerka, Albania by Zeni Zerka. His unmatched talent and work ethic, along with his innovation and unique sense of style and creativity soon established him as a master craftsman. With pride and dedication to his craft, his reputation quickly grew as he focused on servicing his clients with honor, dignity, and respect. After World War II, he moved his family to Italy where he worked on numerous restoration projects. Thereafter, he was afforded the opportunity to travel and work in Belgium and France and the United States, where some of his children later settled and continued his tradition of quality workmanship. Since then, the Alban Group has grown immensely. The greatest reward is the recognition and repeat business.  We are truly grateful for their continued support and we assure all of our clients that we will uphold our tradition of excellence.

Generations of experience

Alban Construction, LLC, dba the Alban Group, provides specialized building services to a range of clients throughout the New York metropolitan area.  Based in Newark, NJ, the Alban Group is a fourth generation family owned and operated business committed to elevating industry standards for building services by creating beautiful spaces.  Specializing in high end commercial and residential projects, the Alban Group maintains a strong track record in lobby, hallway, and office renovation. 
Led by Tammy Smith, the Alban Group has grown through her commitment to quality, craftsmanship and budget.  The Alban Group handles over 800,000 sq. feet of commercial tenant fit outs and build outs annually across the metropolitan area excelling in the renovation of apartments, Co-ops and Condominium common elements.


Executive Vice President

Tammy Smith, Partner, is the Executive Vice President of Alban Construction, LLC. With over forty years of combined experience in the management and construction industry, Tammy started her career as a Property Manager and segwayed into Director of Property Management. This experience gives her the insight to relate to clients’ needs and to keep the Owner/Manager perspective in mind. Tammy works with owners, designers and architects to flawlessly accomplish projects in a timely manner. Alban’s team is not subcontracted, but rather in house, and has been trained how to perform construction work in an occupied building with minimal impact on residents. Tammy prides herself on the ability to run a project on an expediated timeline when needed. Tammy and Alban’s primary focus is delivering projects to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. With her oversight, Alban can assure you that your job will run smoothly, as she will alleviate any and all unnecessary burden.



Adrian Zerka represents the 4th generation of Alban Construction. Having been raised in the midst of the construction and real estate industries, it was only natural that he too would one day become a part of the firm’s growing business. Leading the Real Estate Acquisitions division, Adrian scouts and invests in properties and businesses across the Metropolitan area. From complete tear downs, to partial remodeling and turn-key businesses, Adrian's lifelong experience guides Alban's investment into the future. He hopes to expand the family tradition and bolster Alban's Real Estate portfolio. As an integral part of the Newark landscape, Alban's investment into the future will help Adrian carry on the family tradition for generations to come.


Project Manager

Tim Shaw joins The Alban Group with a background in engineering and project management. Tim has more than eight (8) years of experience in the construction industry specializing in coordination, phasing and value engineering on all types of commercial projects. With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tim is well versed in building MEP systems and operations, and has an excellent combination of technical expertise and project management experience to tackle all portions of the job. Tim’s primary focus is the day-to-day coordination of work with owner’s representatives to ensure each project runs smoothly, on schedule, according to plan, and within budget.


Project Foreman

Dennis Degnan, the newest member of the Alban Group, brings 30+ years of construction based client service experience. He has managed supply chain and warehouse staffing for the largest gypsum manufacturer in New Jersey. Dennis brings practical knowledge of basic construction trades, retail and wholesale supply, and an ability to work on all sides of a project to his position at Alban.


Carpentry Foreman

Steve Donohue is the Alban Group’s in-house carpentry foreman. Steve has thirty years of experience as a carpenter working in restoration, remodels and ground-up construction. With extensive experience in framing, trim work and construction management, Steve is an invaluable member of Alban’s team. With a wide range of expertise, Steve is well-versed in the most crucial aspects of any job from start to finish. OSHA-certified and a consistently enrolled member in construction health and safety courses, Steve is incredibly important to all Alban Group projects.


Paint Foreman

Steven Jairala is the Alban Group’s in-house paint foreman. Steven holds over twenty years of experience in both interior and exterior painting and refinishing. Being well-versed in many paint applications, Steven is an integral part of Alban’s team when it comes to high-end renovations that require specialized painting techniques and insight. As with all Alban Group employees, Steven is OSHA-certified and acts as key player in keeping Alban’s projects as efficient and quality-driven as possible.


Director of Operations

With more than forty (40) years of experience in managing a large staff of cleaning and maintenance personnel, Mr. Zerka has developed a true “hands-on” approach to managing field operations.In conjunction with his management responsibilities, Mr. Zerka also handles on-the-job training of new and existing crews to keep them apprised of the most current cleaning methods.A background in Engineering gives Mr. Zerka the technical and practical experience to handle a broad range of projects both on an everyday and emergency basis.Mr. Zerka holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Senior Project Manager

Vasyl Khmelynskyi has been a Senior Project Manager with Alban Construction for well over a decade. With over thirty five (35) years of experience in Construction, Vasyl is a master craftsman who first started his career in the industry as a young man in Europe.


Project Lead and Senior Estimator

Necile Gobel is the Alban Group’s Lead Estimator on every project. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s of Science in Construction Management (from Stevens Institute of Technology), Necile brings extensive experience to the Alban Group which makes a quantifiable impact. With over ten years of experience in both architectural design and construction, Necile provides incredibly well-rounded insight to every project she works on. Extremely proficient in project estimation, planning and construction management—Necile displays strong coordination skills in both the construction and design processes. Certified in Passive House Design, and the author of the published thesis “The Relationship between Leadership Approach and Gender in the Turkish Construction Industry (2010),” Necile is an invaluable Project Lead and Senior Estimator at Alban.



Ben Zerka, Controller, has been keeping Alban’s accounting in the black for 12 years.  Ben graduated from Rutgers with a degree in accounting and spent 6 years at a large accounting firm.  Ben handles all aspects of financial management for Alban including cash flow management, financial analysis, financial reporting and AP/AR.  As a true New Jerseyan, Ben spends his Sundays rooting for Big Blue. 


Construction Assistant

Erin Jankowski is the Alban Group’s in-office construction assistant and coordinator. Erin is a graduate of Bucknell University, with post-graduate experience in compliance and financial regulation. Erin works with the Alban Group’s clients to effectively set up projects, and help facilitate anything in between. While generating reports, AIA documents and necessary construction documents, Erin acts as point person to keep Alban’s projects running as smoothly and well-ordered as they do.


In Memoriam

Tim Zerka represented the third generation of Alban Construction. Raised in his family business, Tim worked alongside his father and developed a passion for the industry. His lifetime of hands on experience, coupled with his own creative vision, allowed Tim to continue his family tradition in the United States. Mr. Zerka coordinated and supervised crews of up to 300 people. His high profile clients throughout his career included Allied Signal, Rockefeller Center, Exxon Corporation, Trump Tower, Summit Bank, Verizon Wireless, Grubb & Ellis Management, Thomson Pharmaceuticals, APM Terminals and Global Terminals. Tim Zerka enjoyed a reputation of “getting the job done” from both his clients and his peers.

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